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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Barcelona Fall 2012 Course Options

Students must take a three unit course,  Spanish Life and Culture.  They then choose three additional courses from the offerings of the four participating colleges.  Those options are:

Diablo Valley College
HIST 122 - Critical Reasoning in History
HIST 127 - African American Perspective History of the US to 1865
HIST 140 - History of Western Civilization to the Renaissance

College of San Mateo
SPAN 111 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 112 - Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 121 - Advanced Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 122 - Advanced Elementary Spanish II

Santa Rosa Junior College
PSYCH 1A - General Psychology
PSYCH 5 - Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 30 - Social Psychology

Consumnes River College
ART 300 - Elementary Drawing and Composition
ART 302 - Elementary Drawing and Composition
ARTH 309 - Art Survey: Renaissance to 19th Century
ARTH 311 - Art Survey: Modern Art

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