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Sunday, December 31, 2017

10 Reasons To Study Abroad

1  Studying abroad is a life-altering experience!

Studying and living in a different culture will help you see the world from a completely different perspective. It is an amazing experience that will change your life.
2  Learn about yourself, be independent

Studying abroad is an occasion to challenge yourself with new situations that will test your abilities to adapt and learn. You may find yourself questioning some of your most long-held beliefs. All you need to succeed is an open mind and a good sense of humor. The perspective gained through a study abroad experience is second to none.
3  It's a chance to gain perspective on your own culture

Studying abroad is a chance to step outside of the ordinary and look at life from a completely new perspective. Many students return amazed that while studying abroad they learned just as much about the United States and its culture as they did about life in their host country.
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4  You don't have to speak a foreign language to do it

All your courses will be taught by California Instructors, just like at home.

5  Resume building material

In today's global economy, study abroad can be a defining element to every student's undergraduate degree. Many companies increasingly desire leaders with the ability to live successfully in a variety of countries and work with co-workers of varying cultural backgrounds.

6  The program will work with any major

We offer a broad variety of transferable, General Education classes that can help you progress towards your major.  Any student can fit a study abroad experience into their academic schedule.

7  The program offers a unique academic structure

Studying abroad offers you the opportunity to escape the monotony of traditional lectures by providing programs that have a myriad of academic possibilities.  Our instructors are committed to making your host city into a classroom.  They will take advantage of all that is offered by one of the world’s great cities.

8  Why be just another tourist?

Studying abroad is your chance to travel and gain perspective at the same time (not to mention academic credit). So many people travel abroad and "see the sights" without understanding the greater importance or significance of those places or events. By studying abroad you get to spend a great deal more time overseas, and thus have the opportunity to ask a lot more in-depth questions.

9  Make connections that can last a lifetime

Away from home and open to new possibilities, you will meet and connect to people you would otherwise never encounter.  Those friendships can last a lifetime.

10 It’s not that expensive

Living away from home costs money no matter where you live. A semester abroad is not much more expensive than a semester at a CSU Campus.  A semester in Chico would cost about $12,000.  Study Abroad fees, courses & housing is about $8,000.   Meals, books and incidentals will add a little more and travel costs to Europe are slightly higher than to Chico…   But hey, you’re in Europe!

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  1. I would say that out of these 10 reasons to study abroad, the number 2 is the most realistic one.