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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ciao Studenti

From our Instructor in Florence, Michelle Krup...

Hello AIFS Students!

I hope that you are getting ready to travel to Florence this week and begin your study abroad experience!  I have already arrived in Florence and I must share with you that it is extremely beautiful here, but it is very cold and raining.  Please remember to bring your warm coat and an umbrella.  Today in Florence it is 4 Centigrade (this is cold, use your conversion skills to figure this out in Fahrenheit).

The classrooms are being prepared for your classes and I have been making sure that all is ready for our experience in Florence.  The other day I visited the Duomo and scouted out several locations for our drawing classes and site visits for our Art History classes.  I am planning many wonderful things for us to experience.

There are many students from other schools already in Florence.  Walking on the streets and making small shopping trips one hears many languages.  Please be ready for new opportunities to learn at many levels.

The small cafes have many delicious seasonal treats available to try and the little shop windows offer artfully displayed merchandise for your visual delight.

The AIFS staff and I are getting everything ready for your arrival… see you soon.

A presto,
Michele A. Krup
Diablo Valley College

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