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Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Faculty Application

Study Abroad Program information and guidelines:

The CCCCD Study Abroad program along with its partner colleges (San Mateo, Santa Rosa and Cosumnes River) sends approximately 120 - 150 local students and four faculty abroad for a 13 week semester program. Qualifying students must have satisfactorily completed 12 units of college level work. During the semester abroad, each student must maintain a minimum academic load of 12 units.
A typical full time assignment in the Study Abroad program involves three courses and a “Life and Culture” course,which is required for all students. Lecturers from the host country will provide a considerable amount of the content for this course. Faculty are expected to serve as instructors of record,provide supplemental lectures, issue grades and handle course coordination.

An instructor selected for the program has the opportunity to work in cooperation with faculty from other participating colleges. The proposed courses must be lower division transfer courses with appeal to a broad spectrum of students. Faculty are encouraged to select courses, which are particularly suited to being offered in a foreign setting. Full -time, tenured Faculty as of program start are eligible to participate in the semester study abroad programs. Priority will be given to faculty who have not recently participated in a Study Abroad Program.

Faculty Responsibilities
 Selected Faculty will do the following in preparation for their assignment abroad. Any person not willing and able to fulfill these obligations may be removed from the assignment. .2 of the Instructor's load while abroad is contingent upon successfully meeting these expectations.
 Maintain an active recruiting schedule, presenting in not fewer than fifteen classes each month and a minimum of four classes at each of the district’s campuses (DVC, LMC, CCC & SRVC).
 Attend all information meetings, approximately six to ten, for recruitment of students at DVC as well as other District campuses, even if these meetings conflict with one’s own classes (Administrative leave will be given.)
 AttendCCCCDStudyAbroadCommitteemeetingsthesemesterbeforegoingabroad.
 Faculty selected should expect to put in a minimum of two-five hours weekly in the recruitment process.
These recruitment activities are coordinated through the District Study Abroad Office.
 Attend required Consortium/AIFS meetings, including AIFS orientation program before leaving.
(Approximately two-three per program.)
 Attend an orientation session before departure.
 Participate in a program evaluation on site at conclusion of term.
 Attend a student/faculty “debriefing” event on return from program.
 Attend a CCCCD Study Abroad committee meeting on return to discuss the experience of the program fo r
the Committee.
 Attend FLEX workshop on Study Abroad to share experiences with prospective participants.

Supplemental information to attach to your application:
1) Identify the three CCC, DVC, or LMC courses you propose to teach in addition to the Life & Culture course. If you are recommending to teach courses outside your normal departmental teaching assignments, please consult with the Study Abroad Office and relevant department chair(s) prior to submitting your application.
2) Identify three alternate courses that you are qualified to teach (or have an FSA to teach) and would find appropriateunderthepreviouslymentionedguidelines. Alternatecoursesmaybeofferedinorderto avoid curriculum conflicts between selected faculty.
3) On a separate page, write a description of each course and describe how you will incorporate the foreign localeinyourinstruction. Describeanyspecialapproaches,directionsorgoalsthattheforeignlocale stimulatesyoutoenvision. Provideexamplesoffieldtripsandothersupplementaleducationalactivities you would provide for students during the semester abroad. This aspect of the application is the most important because the committee would like applicants to demonstrate their understanding of the potential for cultural enrichment of the curriculum.
4) Organizing, coordinating and developing course, programs and other learning experiences will be required. What have you done that demonstrates your ability to organize or initiate programs or activities?
Recruiting: Our experience indicates that the more active you are as a recruiter, at your own College, and at other colleges within the District, the more successful you will be in attracting students to the foreign studyprogram. Ourexperiencealsoindicatesthat,ifyoudon’tactivelyrecruit,thereisahighprobability that your portion of the program will be cancelled due to low enrollment. Faculty selected for Study Abroad Programs must attend all information sessions, plan and implement recruitment activities, participate in other recruitment efforts, including program promotion, student recruitment and student or ientation.
*In the event of lower than 20 students recruited, the following load/class reductions would follow:
(19-15 students = reduce one class; 14-10 students = reduce two classes; 9 or less = college cancellation for the semester).
5) What experiences do you have with regards to these activities, and what specific activities would you propose and execute for successful student recruitment?
6) Approximately 35 students may apply locally for the program. Are you prepared and willing to provide informaleducationalandpersonaladvisingandsupportservicesforthesestudents? Pleaseexplain.
Other Details:
7) Write a personal statement expressing why you desire to participate in the Study Abroad Program and,
a. Describe any experience you have supporting or participating in our District’s Study Abroad program during the last ten (10) years? If you have taught Abroad, please list program and date.
b. What individual or group travel experiences have you had?
c. While foreign language proficiency is not a requireme nt, please indicate the foreign languages you speak, write and/or read.
d. What special qualifications do you have that make you well suited to serve as a semester abroad faculty member?
e. Please feel free to add further information that will assist both the local faculty selection committee and the college consortium committee in making a final decision on the faculty/curriculum for the upcoming programs.
8) Faculty will earn their regular salary during the semester abroad program. Selected faculty will be pro vided with a $3,000 housing stipend and a complimentary round trip airfare or pro rata share thereof based on a 20:1 student ratio. Additional personal expenses can be expected such as rent, meals, surface travel, etc.
Will you be able to make the necessary personal and financial arrangements in order for you to participate in the program?
In the event of lower than 20 students recruited, the following load/class reductions would follow:
(19-15 students = reduce one class; 14-10 students = reduce two classes; 9 or less = college cancellation for the semester).
If your load was reduced (.80 or .60) due to low recruitment, would you be willing to remain a participant in theStudyAbroadProgram? YES/NO
(Should this become necessary, you could supplement the reduced load assignment with banked load in order to receive your full salary.)
When submitting your application packet, please take care to assure that your pages are numbered and your responses clearly identify the sections to which you are responding.

Submit this application (email or hardcopy) to:
Diablo Valley College Study Abroad Office c/o Harue Takanashi by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 12, 2015.
The pool of applicants will be reviewed by the District Study Abroad Faculty Selection Committee. That committee will select and interview Finalists before making its recommendation to the District Director of InternationalEducation.Interviews will be conducted Friday, February 20, 2015. Please keep that date open, should you be selected for an interview.

Approved by:
Study Abroad Programs Committee (08/2012), Faculty Senates Coordinating Council (09/2012)

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